Newsletter February 19, 1977

Dear Delaware Indian Claimants:

Arthur Albert Creech opened the clan meeting:

Old business:

Birth certificates still needed:

  1. Jean Adams Granddaughter
  2. Tom Creech’s Grandson
  3. LeRoy Hobson’s Grandchild
  4. James Brent Creech

New Business:

Clyde Creech listed some members who paid their $5.00 since last meeting.
Income for Feb. $95.00
Expense: $76.76 as follows; $65.18 for copies of claims. $11.58 for second group of claims. Total in bank $328.30.

Note: We saved money on copy work by Clyde C. & C. Simmons doing work as requested by Attorney;

All claim forms went back to att. On the 17th. Proof was selected to accompany the claim forms to the B.I.A.

Motion made by Dale Creech to subscribe the Delaware paper at Muskogee, Oklahoma. to keep up on the latest happenings. Seconded and passed.

Grace Creech asked what, became of Kansas family land and C. Simmons stated it was sold to the Missouri Railroad in 1868.

Dale Creech brought up a discussion on Att: Thad Smith, who was the Att. for Otelia Creech from 1911-1914

Motion to close the meeting, Seconded & closed.

(signed by) A. A. Creech By Clyde Creech

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