Newsletter June 23, 1977

Descendants of the Antelope Eaters Clan of the Delaware Nation. We have been in consultation with our Att. Anthony Parks. He has informed us that he has received a reply from Senator Frank Church. Copies of this letter are inclosed for each of you to read. Senator Church concurred With us that special legislation is necessary to compensate our group. He indicated that he would request that Leo Krulitz, Solicitor, Department of the Interior look into our claim and give his aid in providing a draft bill to accomplish the relief which we seek.

Upon receipt of Senator Church’s’ letter, Leo Krulitz reviewed the information provided by Senator Church and immediately contacted our Att. Mr. Parks. He then traveled to Boise, Idaho for a 3 and 1/2 hour conference With Mr Parks.

Mr. Parks informed us by telephone that during the conference they discussed the appropriate way for our group to seek and receive compensation with the least amount of hardship. In conclusion of that conference it was determined that the most profitable way to proceed on our behalf was for Senator Church to submit a bill to the U. S. Senate, asking for an exclusive payment for members of our group.

Upon submitting this bill to Congress we will be notified when to appear with our committee, Which will include Att. Parks as legal representative, A.A. Creech as eldest living male and sponsor of our clan, and Mrs. Charlotte J. Simmons as researcher for the question and answer session which is anticipated to occur on the floor of Congress.

It is estimated that app $ 1600.00 will be requited to take our committee to make our claim in Congress. Each member is required to donate ten dollars for each person listed in their immediate family. Thus a family of five would pay $50.00. etc. This money will be used to pay each person’s share of the cost of seeking compensation from Congress by sending our committee. All persons will be repaid out of any settlement made.

We are looking forward to seeing some of our members at the next clan meeting and think that we can provide more specific details at that time. All members in this Delaware Claim should have their share of the cost paid by the first of August at the very latest. This is necessary so that reservations can be made.

Sincerely Yours
Your Chairman
A.A. Creech

Council members
Jean Adams
Charlotte J. Simmons

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