Newsletter April 15, 1988

The council meeting was held at the residence of LaDean Denning. Several council members and guests were present.

After the financial and secretary’s reports were accepted the conversation turned to the high cost of mailing newsletters and the number of newsletters that are “returned to sender”. We request that any person not receiving this newsletter, who wishes to should notify Charles Creech of their current address. Also if any person changes addresses they should notify Charles Creech.

The council then decided that after a newsletter has been returned to the office more than once, mailings of the newsletter will be stopped until the address is corrected.

Chief Sam Grey Wolf sent a picture of a Delaware Indian Flag., Susan is working on a pattern to make a similar flag.

Recently a newsletter from the Wisconsin Oneida Indians (Lenape) was received and it contained a article about the Idaho Delawares.

Charles Creech reported that he had checked into purchasing copies of Jack Large’s book “The Delawares of Idaho”. These books are available for purchase. Orders must be in lots of 10. The paperback version is $5.00 ea and the hardbound version is $25.00. Notify Charles Creech if you wish to purchase a copy of this excellent book.

The council discussed the matter of council members who repeatedly don’t come to meetings. The by-laws call for regular attendance. All council members are reminded to attend the meetings. At the April meeting a decision will be made on the status of those members who have not been attending.

Clyde Creech has a publication that tells how to speak the Delaware language and provide other information about the language. This is available fro photocopy. If you wish a copy notify Clyde Creech Sr.

Plans are under way for this year’s Annual Meeting and Powwow. There will again be an auction for the adults and children. Don Coates has agreed to head up the children’s auction. Donations are needed for these auctions.

We remind everybody of the “Lenape Cultural Show” at B.S.U. on May 11. 1988 through May 18. 1988. All exhibitors must contact Charlotte Simmons as soon as possible. Her address is 591 S. Curtis #4, Boise, Idaho.

The next meeting of the council is April 17., 1988 at Charles Creech residence.

Delawares of Idaho Inc.

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