Newsletter January 15, 1998


The January council meeting was held at the residence of Robert Creech in Boise, Idaho. There was a good turnout of council members.

The council was saddened at the news of the death of Sherry Lynn Birtch of Union, Or. It was noted that flowers were sent to her Family from the Delawares of Idaho. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sherry and her Family.

Charlotte Simmons reported an her progress in organizing a cultural show. She has arranged “The Lenape Culture Show” which mill Feature exhibits of Lenape Indian Culture as well as other Indian Culture. This event will be hosted by Boise State University in the Liberal Arts Building on May 11 through 18, 1988. We request that all members plan on exhibiting any items they may have. We also invite other non-Lenape Indians to consider entering exhibits. Attempts will be made to secure exhibits from the Delaware Indian Nation. All people with exhibits must notify Charlotte Simmons as soon as possible. All exhibits must be turned over to Charlotte Simmons, no later than April 15, 1988. Charlotte also seeks help in setting up the exhibit and manning it for the show. Lets all get behind this show) and make it a huge success.

Several items of communication mere discussed including an article published in the Delaware Indian News. This article dealt with action recently taken by the council of the Delaware Nation. Apparently the Delaware Nation has voted to become a separate entity, separate From the Cherokee Indian Nation. The Delaware Indians will create a new roll of members. The council decided to communicate with officials of the Delaware Indian Nation and explore the possibility of our members becoming part of the new roll. Donald Coates has taken this job on and has sent letters to appropriate parties.

Jack Large has finished his book, which chronicles the history of the Delawares of Idaho. A copy of this book has been presented to the council by Jack Large. The council has made contact with officials of Idaho State University to ascertain if this book can be obtained for our members. Jack Large is now a Professor at Shin Dang University in S. Korea. His address is available From Clyde Creech if you wish to write him. It was also decided to write Iver Longeteig, our former attorney, and discuss his representation of this group and whether he completed his end of the contract with this group. Don Coates has undertaken this project.

The next council meeting is February 21, 1988 at the residence of Alan Creech, 1224 3rd. Avenue North, Nampa, Idaho.


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