Meeting Minutes July 20, 2002

DELAWARE’S OF IDAHO Annual Meeting July 20th, 2002

Present Council Members: Others Present:
Clyde W. Creech Sr. Lanny Creech
Peter W. Kingston Chris Coates
Kathy Alseth Dorothy Creech
Clyde W. Creech Jr. Lisa Creech
Forest Hynek Randy Coates
Don Coates Ruth Thayer
Rosemarie DeBoer Beverly Jenkins
Ruth Wilson Tony Parks
Charles Creech
Zachary Creech

Council Members Absent:
Ivan Kingston Paula Ensunsa
Marlene Menges

Lanny Creech opened the meeting with a prayer asking for the Great Spirits’ blessing.

Clyde W. Creech Jr. called the Meeting to order at 10:22.

Secretary Report:

July 21, 2001 Minutes from the last Annual Meeting read.
Forest Hynek motioned to accept the meeting minutes as read.
Rosemarie DeBoer seconded motion.
All were in favor.

Financial Report:

June Finical Report presented by the Treasurer, Lisa Creech.
Bills Paid:
P.O. Box – 19.00
Porto-Potty – 78.50
Meat 39.38
Tee-Shirts & June Newsletter Postage – 500.00
Pow Wow Prizes reimbursements:
Horseshoes 56.00
Awards 66.00
Checking Deposit:
4 Dues
Balance 650.00
Nothing has changed with the Savings and CD’s
Don Coates motioned to accept the Finical Report as read.
Ruth Wilson seconded motion.
All were in favor.


Email Council Ballot from John Swee
Letters were sent to Wane Creech, Robert, and Marie informing them that they were removed from the council due to 3 unexcused absences.
Beatrice Lancaster sent in her picture and dues
Lanny Creech turned in his information and picture for the directory.

Forest Hynek motioned to accept the Communications as read.
Don Coates seconded motion.
All were in favor.

Old Business:

Lanny Creech gave a presentation on joining the Western Cherokee Tribe.
Some advantages:
Medical and Dental at no charge
Easier to get college scholarships
Early next spring they are going to close the rolls.
Once they are closed, they are closed. You will not be admitted to the tribe after that point.
To Join the Tribe you just have to send copies of your paperwork, not the originals.
Lanny does not think we will lose any benefits that we are currently entitled.
We can join either as a band or individually.
Clyde W. Creech Jr. is going to check into this further with our attorney.

Mr. Parks Gave a presentation on some exciting new developments. He has been trying to find out the status of the funds that were retained for any possible appeals. Mr. Parks contacted the Assistant Solicitor for Tribal government and Alaska Division of Indian Affairs, Scott Keep. He was able to provide him with some documentation on a comprehensive review, done in 1996, on the status of our appeals and the current balance of the undistributed judgment fund accounts for the Idaho Delaware Tribe. These monies would be from the suite “Delaware’s of Idaho, Inc VS Clark, No. 83-1192, D. Idaho”. Only the members that originally had funds distributed to them before would receive a portion of the remaining fund.

Four separate funds are being maintained and invested in money market funds. Currently it is difficult to tell when and how these funds will be distributed.
Account #1 has a current value of $989.05
Account #2 has a current value of $803617.58
Account #3 has a current value of $231547.14
Account #4 has a current value of $39123.37
This adds up to $1,075,277.14.
The Chairman is awaiting an update from Mr. Parks, and expects one any day.


We received 13 ballots, and all 12 votes for each candidate.
Don Coates was re-elected as Co-Chairman, Ruth Wilson, Rosie DeBoer, Forest Hynek, and Kathy Alseth were all elected to the Tribal Council.

Awards Ceremony

To thank many of our member’s outstanding service through out the years we held an awards ceremony. The awards were presented in behalf of the Tribal Council.
Members recognized:
Alan Creech
Laura Creech
Dorothy Creech
Marlene Menges
Zachary Creech
Clyde W. Creech, Jr.
Mary Creech
Beverly Jenkins
Pete Kingston
Ivan Kingston
Forest Hynek
Ladean Denning
Charles Creech
Rosemarie DeBoer
Wayne Creech
Ruth Wilson
Charlotte Simmons
Clyde W. Creech Sr.
Kathy Alseth
Don Coates

Pete Kingston gave a presentation on the tee shirts and on the website.
The tee shirts have a drawing of Clyde W. Creech Sr. on the front left and “In Memory of Allen Creech” on the left shirt sleeve. If your dues are paid up through 2001-2002 then you can get one tee at cost, $13.00, and $15.00 for every shirt there after. Amnesty was granted to everyone, and it does not expire. Everyone’s dues are caught up through 2000-2001. So, to qualify for the 13.00 tee, you just have to pay for the 2001-2002 year dues year(annual meeting to annual meeting).

Pete requested that we all check the website and verify that 1, they are on the members page, and 2, that the info there is correct. This information will also be in the members directory.

Forest Hynek motioned to adjourn the Annual meeting.
Zachary Creech seconded motion.
All were in favor.

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