Meeting Minutes June 6, 2008

Tribal Council Meeting
Delaware’s of Idaho

Meeting Minutes

Date: 6 June 2008

 1. Call Meeting to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:05 P.M.2. Opening Prayer:Prayer given by T. Wayne Harris3. Appoint Secretary for Meeting:Rosmarie was appointed Secretary for the meeting4. Roll Call:All present except: David J. Creech-by proxy: Clyde Creech Jr.-by proxy:
Alan L. Coated-excused: and Scott Menges-excused:5. Declare Quorum:9 present; 2 proxy’s and 2 absent excused, Quorum was declared.6. Approval of minutes from last meeting:T. Wayne Harris made a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting as read
and Charlotte Simmons seconded the motion—motion passed.7. Approval of financial report from last meeting — Treasurer read present Financial Report:Treasurer, Ivan Kingston read the financial report, Randy Coates made a motion to
accept the report as read, Charlotte Simmons seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Lanay Creech made the comment that if the members would pay their dues we would
bring in around $10,000. This is needed to pay for all the copying of the records for
everyone’s blood line records all the way back to our tie in with the old rolls.
8. Update Status:a. Federal Recognition Process—Letters to be signed:
Robert Flemming of the B.I.A. (Federal Recognition Department) highly
recommended that we request a full TA Inspection.
We are still missing a lot of the Coates records.b. Update on after born payments lawsuit:All of the afterborn group have been paid except those who still have not sent in
there correct addresses.c. Newsletter—membership information needed—put list on table:Newsletters will only be mailed out to those who are current with their dues.9. Old Business:None10. New Business:
LETTERS TO BE SIGNED BY TRIBAL COUNCIL FOR BIA:a. List of Current Officers-vice chairman only change;Randy Coates will step down as the Vice Chairman. Charlotte Simmons made a
Motion to elect T. Wayne Harris as the new Vice Chairman and Deborah
Gravett seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Letter signedb. Technical Assistance Request Letter;The request for the Technical Assistance letter was signed by all the council
members.c. Certify membership list;The letter to certify the membership list was signed by all the council members.There was talk of putting a Delaware Store on the web site for our members to sell their
Crafts and other items. Members who sell their stuff will pay a 10% fee to the tribe.1. Tribal Council Order no. 2008-005-Requires Vote: Appoint as Honorary Members: Dennis Hynek and Robin Trail, mother of Erin Dunagan daughter of deceased Dalaware Member Eric Dunagan;A motion was made to accept Dennis Hynek as an Honorary Member by,
Charlotte Simmons and Seconded by Ivan Kingston. Motion passed.
A motion was made to accept Robin Trail as an Honorary Member by
Deborah Gravett, and Seconded by Forest Hynek. Motion passed.
2. Tribal Council Order No.2008-006-Repqures Vote: Appointment as Honorary Members—Carol Potter, Lorraine Bonzelete, Lola J. Betty, Cindy Rigby:A motion was made to accept Honorary members; Carol Potter, Lorraine
Bonzelete, Lola J. Betty, and Cindy Rigby, by Charlotte Simmons and
seconded by Randy Coates. Motion passed.Certificates were given to Rex Borjas for an Honorary Member not present
A Plaque was given to Rosmarie De Boer
A Plaque was given to Forest Hynek (Delaware) Forest also received a plaque
from the C.D.N.W. for service as the Chief of the C.D.N.W. and creator of the
Flag for the C.D.N.W.3. Resolution of Tribal Council 2008-002—Requires Vote: Procedures to Release of In formation in Tribal Member File;A motion was made by Deborah Gravett to accept resolution of tribal council
# 2008-002, Charlotte Simmons seconded the motion. Motion passed.4. Resolution of Tribal Council 2008-004—Requires Vote: Creation of Tribal Federal Acknowledgment Committee and Appointments:Motion was made by Deborah Borjas to accept resolution of tribal council
#2008-004, Rosmaire De Boer seconded. Motion passed.5. Executive Order 2008-006—No Vote Required: Appointment and reappointment of members to the Constitutional Convention;Lanay B. Creech—Chairman
T. Wayne Harris—Vice Chairman, draft constitution
Deborah G. Borjas—Director of Tribal Membership, Sec. of Health and
Human Resources
Charlotte Simmons—Tribal Council Member
Chris Klinger—Sec. of State
Gwen Klinger—Sec. of Commerce
Alan Coates—Tribal Council Member
Pete Kingston—web master and tribal member6. Executive Order 2008-007—Requires Vote: Ratification and Confirmation of Appointments. Also, must have all members sign letter to acknowledge to BIA the members that constitute the governing body of the tribe;Everyone votes unanimously yes7. Executive Order 2008-008—Requires Vote: Creation of Associate Members of the Delaware’s of Idaho tribe;
Forest Hynek made a motion to accept Executive order #2008-008, seconded by
Randy Coates. Motion passed.8. election of Board of Directors, required by the By Laws—Requires Vote-Present members of the Board of Directors are:

Lanay B. Creech
T. Wayne Harris
Charlotte J. Simmons
Ivan D. Kingston
Rosmarie S. De Boer
Randy L. Coates
A motion was made by T. Wayne Harris to re-elect the board members and
add Deborah Borjas to the board, seconded by Randy Coates. Motion passed.
A motion was made by Charlotte Simmons to add
Deborah Gravett to the Board of Directors, Lanay Creech seconded the motion

Ask for motion to re-elect all of above or any discussion about the election of the
Board Members? Second and Vote: Passed

9. Certificates of Appreciation Presentation:

Motion passed.

Given to:

Ivan D. Kingston – Service of the Tribal Council
Rosmarie S. De Boer – Service on the Tribal Council
Alan Coates – Service on the Tribal Council
Randy L. Coates – Service on the Tribal Council
Forest D. Hynek – Service on the Tribal Council
Deborah Gravett – Service on the Tribal Council
David J. Creech – Service on the Tribal Council
Charlotte Simmons – Service on the Tribal Council
Pete W. Kingston – Service as webmaster of the Delaware’s of Idaho
Lynne Napoleon – Service as Tribal Comptroller

10. Appointment as an Associate Member of the Delaware’s of Idaho:an Associate Member of the Delaware’s of Idaho:

Teresa Fritz

Rosmarie De Boer made a motion to reopen the nomination of Board Members
To include Forest Hynek, Charlotte Simmons seconded. Motion passed. Forest
Hynek is now on the Board of Directors.

11. Executive Session—Call Special Session of Tribal Council to address issue of Teresa Anglee Weber’s failure to account for funds from Harvest Fest 2006. All persons must leave the room except the Tribal Council. Meeting will resume after Tribal Council renders their decision in the matter.

Randy Coates spoke with Angie Weber about the missing funds of $1852.89. She says that she
deposited them but we still have no proof of that deposit.
T. Wayne saw Angie and she avoided him.
Disciplinary actions to be taken:
Resturation: Fine: $1852.89 with an Interest of 10% per anum and 5 years with no voting privilege and not be able to hold an office until 5 years after the debt is paid in full. 12. After end of Executive Session—ask Chairperson of Executive Session if there has been a decision and if so present it to the Chairman.

You may want the decision read and ask the members of the Executive Committee if that is their decision. No discussion shall be made by anyone per Robert’s Rules of Order.

Then ask for Motion and Second to Accept decision of Tribal Council, then ask for Tribal Council to Vote on acceptance and approval of;

TRIBAL COUNCIL RESOLUTION 2008-003—(make sure decision has been reduced to writing in Resolution 2008-003).

Instruct Tribal Secretary to notify Teresa Anglee Weber of the decision and send her a copy of Tribal Council Resolution 2008-003 by certified mail and regular mail of her right to file notice of rehearing setting out her reasons why the matter should be reheard by certified mail to the Tribal Council no later then July 14, 2008 to Delaware’s of Idaho Tribal Council, Tribal Office, 10400 Overland Rd., PMB 355, Boise, Idaho 83709-1449. If she does not receive notice of a date and time for rehearing by August 15, 2008, then the decision of the Tribal Council shall be final.

13. Notice date, time and place of next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Sept. 5th 2008, at the Holiday Inn in Ontario, at 7 P.M.

14. Ask for adjournment:

Rosmarie De Boer made a motion to adjourn, T. Wayne Harris seconded,
Motion passed.

15. Closing Prayer:

Given by Fred Short

16. Adjourn meeting:

Adjourned at 10:30 P.M.

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