Welcome to the Delaware’s of Idaho.

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Recent News

  • Tribal Meeting August 17, 2024

    The next Tribal Council Meeting will be held on August 17th at 6pm MST. This meeting will address agenda items that were tabled at the Annual Meeting that occurred on June 15th. Most importantly is the voting for Tribal Council members and Officers. You may attend in person or virtually by clicking the link below.…

  • Letter of Intent

    Hey, Yo speeyaka de la Lenape elas. I speak to the Delaware warriors. My birth name was Little Blue Moccasins. My warrior name is White Antelope. I have counted many coo. I was named after my Manu awk, my great grandfather Chief White Antelope Arthur Creech. I am the grandson of the Heritage Chief Suke…

  • 2024 Annual Tribal Meeting

    We are holding the annual tribal meeting at Ken Sereduk’s house at 1415 S. Biggs St., in Boise, Idaho. The meeting is also being held online using the following link https://meet.google.com/stn-ucds-cwr.

  • Museum Exhibition Photos

  • New Website

    Hello all! Please be patient while we work on the site.

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