Newsletter December 18, 1976

Dear Delaware Indian Claimants:

The first meeting took place on Dec 18,1976 at 1360 Topaz Ave, Meridian. Eight members attended the first meeting.

You are advised that an ongoing meeting time has been set up for the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10am thru 12pm.

The things that were discussed in this open session were as follows:

No. 1. We have been advised that the total cost of the court action may run as high as 100 dollars per each member over a long term, We have also been advised that the case of Weeks vs Hathaway is now pending before the Supreme Court. If the decision is rescinded in that case the cost of our case may be 100 dollars each – if the case decision now pending is upheld our own position will be one of strength and therefore the case cost would be considerably cheaper, approximately 40 to 50 dollars each.

No. 2. A Committee has been appointed to talk with Mr. Parks to start action in obtaining certification for all of the members as Delaware’s.

No. 3. You are herewith notified that copies of your birth certificates are now necessary. Send these to Charlotte J. Simmons, 1360 Topaz Ave, Meridian, Idaho 83642

No. 4. Discussion took place on the possibility of filing a discrimination case. This is to be discussed with Mr. Parks.

No. 5. The record books on the Delaware Fund was opened for inspection by Mr. Clyde W. Creech and Mrs. Jean Adams. Is has been noted that $500.00 has been credited to the account and that a balance of $260.00 is still owing. We would like to receive the balance still owing as soon as possible. Out of the $500.00 in the account the following bills have been paid:

$19.05 for record copies form the library.
$25.00 to Attorney Givens
$141.75 to Mr. Anthony Parks for contracts.
$ 16.00 for stamps and copies
$8.54 for checks for the fund

$210.34 total paid out of the fund
$284.66 on deposit as balance
$25.00 to be deposited

No. 6. Any person wishing to obtain additional information about what took place at the meeting contact on of the following people:
Loretta M. Hynek, 1410 Longmont St. Boise, Idaho – phone 345-9042
Jean Adams, 1926 S. Roosevelt St. Boise, Idaho – phone 343-9774
Clyde W. Creech Sr., 9300 Coleen Dr. Boise, Idaho – phone 377-1156
Charlotte J. Simmons, 1360 Topaz Ave, Meridian, Idaho – phone 377-1984
Arthur A. Creech, 3677 N. Maple Grove Rd. Boise, Idaho – phone 37 7-0397
No collect calls will be accepted.

No. 7. Each person is asked to attend the open session each month whenever possible. This meeting will take place every month in the future and you are all welcome to attend the discussion and voice your opinions.

Sincerely Yours
Chief A. A. Creech and Councilors

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