Newsletter January 15, 1977

Dear Delaware Indian Claimants:

The meeting was opened by Chairman A. A. Creech.

The old business discussed was as follows:

No. 1. We were informed that we are waiting for Cecil Andrus to take the post of U.S. Secretary Of the Interior before getting certified. This is to our advantage.

No. 2. Clyde Creech and Jean Adams opened the books for the inspection of all those present.

We have paid out $12.58

$10.00 went to A. A. Creech for over payment on his family.

$2.58 was paid to copy the newsletter from last months meeting.



We received $40.00 for deposit

Our new balance is $312.08 in the Delaware Fund.

This concluded the old Business.

New business was opened for discussion by Chairman A.A. Creech.

The new business was as follows:

No. 1. Motion was made by Clyde Creech that all unpaid members have no voice in the business affairs. Seconded by Mrs. Harsch. Motion was passed.

No. 2. A motion was made by the Chairman that the disbursement of funds shall continue the same in the future as originally set up. Seconded and Passed.

No. 3. The Chairman recommend s that newsletters not be mailed to those who are unpaid members of the group. Seconded and Passed.

No. 4. Charlotte J.Simmons called to the attention of the group that Birth Certificates are necessary to be certified. Motion made and Seconded that any member who does not send in their birth certificates will be dropped from the rolls at time of certification. Copies will be OK. Passed

No. 5. Chairman informed us that certification is in progress and will be ready for Birth Certificates by next meeting.

No. 6. Motion made by Chairman A.A. Creech. He asks for approval of those present to appoint on approval a 3 member council, secretary to take minutes at meetings and also that the financial officers be bonded by the time we are certified. Seconded by Mr. Dale Creech – Motion Passed. Subject to approval of Attorney Anthony Parks.

No. 7. Under Discussion – Motions made and passed.

A. Chairman A.A.Creech made motion that Mr. Clyde Creech be accepted as Vice Chairman – duties of Vice Chairman are to take over as Chairman if Chairmancan not continue due to health. Seconded and passed.

B. Motions made for three council members – Mrs. Jean Adams, Mrs. Charlotte J. Simmons, Mr. Wesley Creech Jr.. Seconded and Passed. Duties of council members – represent the different families in clan on business affairs, etc.

C. Motion made that Mrs. S. Harsch take over the duties of Recording Secretary, keeping track of the meetings. Seconded and passed.

No. 8. Mr. Clyde Creech Sr. made a motion that the terms of Vice Chairman and Councilmembers, Secretary and other officers run for 1 year beginning January 15, 1977 to January 21, 1978. Seconded and passed.

No. 9. Motion made by Mr. Wesley Creech Jr. that if Council members fail to do their required duties and attend business meetings on a regular basis that Chairman be asked to appoint someone else to fill post. With exception that the person has a legitimate excuse. Seconded and passed.

No. 9. Open for discussion – Who will pay for the expenses incurred by Charlotte J. Simpson if required to company attorney Anthony Parks to address the Congress of the United States in Washington D. C.. Those present felt that the fund should consider paying for the following expenses if Mrs. Simmons is requested to make the trip: food, lodging, taxi, travel – to and from.

No. 10. Motion Meeting closed by Clyde Creech Sr.. Seconded and closed.


Everyone wishing to receive newsletters are requested to send self addressed stamped envelope to Mr. Clyde Creech Sr., 9300 Colleen Drive Boise, Idaho 83704.

Meeting closed and members are invited to attend the next meeting which will be held on the 3rd Saturday of February, 1977 at 1360 Topaz Ave. Meridian Idaho 83642. All members of the Clan “Antelope Eaters” of the Delaware Nation are asked to attend theses open meetings and voice their opinion.

Yours Truly

Chairman A. A. Creech

Vice Chairman Clyde W. Creech Sr.

Councilors –

Mrs. Jean Adams

Mrs. Charlotte J. Simmons

Mr. Wesley Creech Jr.

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