Newsletter October 15, 1977

News Letter – Oct 15, 1977

Meeting was opened by A. A. Creech.

Old business – discussion took place on last months letter.

New Business
Clyde W. Creech Sr. gave the treasurer’s report.
bal in the bank of $999.36 and $35.00 to be deposited.

Motion was made seconded and passed to have the Att. Mr. Parks handle the distribution of funds from Congress.

A copy of the bill presented to congress which is to be amended to include our group was available. It is – 95th Congress 1st session, H.R. 8674. It was stated that deceased claims will be paid to the next of kin. All those next of kin should provide the necessary records to file a claim.

It was decided that this should be discussed with the Attorney for clarification. Those present at the meeting – A. A. Creech, Charlotte Simmons and family, Elsie Acevado, Alan Coats and family, Grace and Ted Ax, Mr. & Mrs Weber.
An informal discussion took place on the records and some background history of our ancestors.

Motion was made seconded and passed to change the meeting time from the third Saturday of the month at 10am to the new time of the 3rd Sunday of each month at 10am. Many felt it would be easier for others to attend.

Mr. Parks has advised us that a trip to Washington, D.C. is definitely planned to meet with the committee to present our records etc. We will be advised on the date.

It was also noted that all claimants who probably will share in the fund must be born on or prior to October 3, 1972, who are citizens of the U.S. in a lineal line from the original Delawares.

We believe it is important to include the babies so that they will get their rights and will be eligible to share in any future funds, even though it now appears they will not share in this first fund.

It was asked again that everyone try to aid in building up our fund so that the forthcoming trip can be paid for.

Motion was made seconded and passed to close the meeting until the 3rd Sunday of November, 1977.It will be held at 1360 Topaz Ave, Meridian Idaho at 10am. Everyone who is a claimant is welcome to come and express thier views and opinions. We hope to see all those who can make it at the next meeting.

A. A. Creech

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