Meeting Minutes October 19, 2002

October 19th, 2002

Delawares of Idaho Tribal Council Meeting Minutes

In Attendance

Zackary Creech
Ivan Kingston
Kathryn Alseth
Beverly Jenkins
Marlene Menges
Don Coates
Clyde W. Creech Sr.
Clyde W. Creech Jr.
Forest Hynek
(Chuck)Charles Creech
Susan DeBoer
Pete Kingston

Minutes from the last meeting were read.
Don Coates motioned to accept the minutes as read.
Forest Hynek seconded the motion.
All in favor.

Financial Report

Newsletter postage was the only bill
Chuck Creech asked how we are planning to replenish the money we have spent on scholarships.
Clyde Creech Jr. said he had a couple of ideas, a Delawares of Idaho calendar, for one.
A dues billing is planned for 2003, after the membership role is updated further. Clyde asked that the council members also contribute some ideas to raise funds.

Chuck Creech motioned to accept the financial report as stated.
Don Coates seconded the motion.
All in favor.

Contacting the Cherokees, and finding out about joining their tribe.
Lanay Creech had been in contact with Peter Kingston, and gave him the name of the Assistant Chairman, Jack Shepherd. Lanay was upset that we had put in the newsletter that we should not join the Cherokee band.
His contact information is –
Jack Shepherd
(618) 724-2859
Apparently, they also have some food and clothing that we could go get, as members of their tribe, in Colorado.

116 Newsletters were sent out.

Old Business

Clyde W. Creech Jr. said that Tony Parks had looked at the bylaws and did not see a problem with them. Last month a new set of bylaws were written, and sent out to the council. This was an effort to throw out all previous revisions and amendments to the bylaws, and start over with a completely new set of bylaws.
Chuck Creech stated that he did not think we could do that, because there are at least 5 revisions to the bylaws and we would have to change them. Chuck also thought that we could not just change the bylaws without a vote from all of the members at the annual meeting. Kathy Alseth also shared this view.
No one was appointed to research this further, and the issue was tabled for later discussion.

New Business

Tony Parks called Clyde Creech Jr. and told him that he has submitted a list to the BIA containing all of the membership information that we currently have. He reminded Clyde how important it was that we complete the roles, and get the information to the BIA.

Ivan Kingston motioned to adjourn.
Forest Hynek seconded the motion.
All in favor.

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