Meeting Minutes November 16, 2002

Delawares of Idaho Tribal Council Meeting Minutes 
November 16, 2002

In Attendance:

Clyde Creech Sr.
Clyde Creech Jr.
Ivan Kingston
Kathryn Alseth
Beverly Jenkins
Marlene Menges
Don Coates
Forest Hynek
Susan DeBoer
Pete Kingston
Dorothy Creech
Kathy Coates
Ron Coates

The Meeting was called to order at 10:30 am
Minutes from the last meeting were read.
Don Coates motioned to accept the minutes as read.
Motion seconded by Clyde Creech Sr.
All were in favor.

Financial Report

$150.00 paid for the band at the Corn Harvest.
$150.00 dues taken in.
from – Who???
$50 from Rob Creech.
The bank statement is still going over to Wayne’s house. Clyde Creech said he would switch the address this month.

Kathy Alseth motioned to accept the finical statement as presented.
Motion seconded by Don Coates.
All were in favor.
Marlene Menges paid $2.00 to get new cards issued for her sons, Scott and Joshua.


No newsletter was sent out last month.

Lanny Creech contacted Pete Kingston to talk about the last newsletter, where Clyde Creech Jr. reiterated that we were not going to join the Cherokees as a group. He gave Pete a contact in the Cherokee tribe, so that we could get more information. Don Coates volunteered and was authorized to contact the Cherokees in behalf of the tribal council. Contact information –
Assistant Chairman, Jack Shepherd
(618) 724-2859

We received a copy of the letter that Tony parks sent to the BIA, containing all of the information that we have collected so far about our membership.

Don Coates motioned that we accept the communication report.
Kathy Alseth seconded the motion.
All were in favor.

Old Business

Clyde W. Creech Jr. said that Tony Parks had looked at the bylaws and did not see a problem with them. Several months ago a new set of bylaws were written, and sent out to the council. This was an effort to throw out all previous revisions and amendments to the bylaws, and start over with a completely new set of bylaws.
Chuck Creech stated that he did not think we could do that, because there are at least 5 revisions to the bylaws and we would have to change them. Chuck also thought that we could not just change the bylaws without a vote from all of the members at the annual meeting. The council doesn’t think this is accurate.
Clyde Creech Jr. called for a motion to accept the revised bylaws.
Ivan Kingston motioned to accept the revised bylaws as written.
Susan DeBoer seconded the motion.
All were in favor.
An announcement will be sent out the members informing them of the bylaw changes, and of the upcoming special meeting to vote on the Bylaws.

New Business

Pete Kingston presented a prototype calendar to use as a fund raiser for the Delawares.
People who purchase the calendar will be entered in a raffle. There will be 12 monthly prizes(1 per month) and a grand prize to be given away at the Powwow. The monthly prizes will be thins like moxie java gift certificates, oil changes, etc. we are thinking that we will have them ready by the next council meeting, and we will sale them for $10.00 each.

Don Coates brought in his wax paper Roses. He is going to try and sell them and give the tribe 60% of the proceeds. Don mentioned that he would need a peddler’s license. He is going to sell them for $10.00 a dozen, or $1.00 each.

The next meeting is going to be at Pete Kingston’s house on December 14th, promptly at 10:00.
There will be no Council meeting in January.

Marlene Menges motioned to adjourn.
Kathy Alseth seconded the motion.
All were in favor.

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