Results of Oklahoma Vote

Excerpted from the July 17, 2018 Delaware Tribe of Indians Tribal Update:

Our grandmothers and grandfathers were members of the main body of the Delaware Tribe of Indians that went to Oklahoma. We had endured countless wars and genocide and came out of Kansas with our people.

Sadly, further injustice awaited us in Oklahoma and we were forced to move on.

This past fall the Delaware Tribe of Indians voted on whether to bring us in as members. Our friends and relatives lobbied hard and beautifully for us, but ultimately we lost the vote.

However, as I think you will agree the actual details of the vote were in our favor. The vote was not a standard 50/50 vote, which we would have won. The vote was for a constitutional change which had to pass by 66%. We won the vote 57% YES to 43% NO.

We were close, but not close enough: yet we believe that we have generated momentum and goodwill for future elections, should our relatives choose to unify the tribe and restore our sovereign tribal polity.

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