Newsletter April 16, 1977

Delaware Indian Meeting April 16, 1977 Chairman A.A. Creech opened the meeting. He informed us that our appeal was filed with the area director of Muskogee, Oklahoma. Upon receipt of our appeal the area director […]


Newsletter – March 19, 1977

Meeting opened by Chairman A.A. Creech Old Business: A. The Muskogee Daily Phoenix and Times-Democrat newspaper was ordered for one month. B. We still need the following birth certificates: 1. Anthony Gipar – Grandson of […]

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Council Meeting

Newsletter February 19, 1977

Dear Delaware Indian Claimants: Arthur Albert Creech opened the clan meeting: Old business: Birth certificates still needed: Jean Adams Granddaughter Tom Creech’s Grandson LeRoy Hobson’s Grandchild James Brent Creech New Business: Clyde Creech listed some […]


Newsletter October 28, 1976

Dear Delaware Descendant: This is to inform you that a bank account has been opened to handle the charges listed in the Attorneys Contract. Mr. Clyde W. Creech Sr., and Mrs. Jean Adams have volunteered their […]