Feb­ru­ary 8, 1911

Sec­re­tary of the Interior,

Wash­ing­ton D. C.,

Dear Sir:

Mrs. Vio­let Smith con­sulted an attor­ney by the name of E. H. Culli­son rel­a­tive to procur­ing her an allot­ment at or near Miami Okla­homa, She says the attor­ney charged her fifty Dol­lars and required her to sign cer­tain papers and informed her the allot­ment could be procured.

At that time Culli­son was prac­tic­ing law at Bax­ter Springs Kansas but has since moved to Delaware Oklahoma.

I have writ­ten sev­eral let­ters to him con­cern­ing the mat­ter but have received no response.

Mrs. Smith’s maiden name was Vio­let Creech, she mar­ried when about fif­teen years of age and her hus­band died in Col­orada. She claims her grand­fa­ther was a full blood Delaware Indian and she attended the Indian Schools in the Indian Ter­ri­tory before com­ing with her par­ents to Billings.

She is about nine­teen years of age and claims the fol­low­ing table will show her Indian ancestry.

L.L. Creech (resid­ing at Billings Montana) — Father
E. W. Creech  — Grand­fa­ther
Eliz­a­beth Creech (nee Eliz­a­beth Williams) — Grandmother
Eliz­a­beth Williams — Great Grand­mother
Tillie E. Fent now Tillie Creech — Mother
Mary F. Mar­shall (Mary F. Fent) — Grandmother
Lucinda Pringle (Lucinda Marshall) — Great Grand­mother
W. M. Fent — Great Grand­fa­ther
Eliz­a­beth Fent — Grand­mother
Eliz­a­beth Drake — Great Grandmother

She requests that the mat­ter be placed in the hands of the proper offi­cer of the Indian depart­ment and investigated.

If there is an other infor­ma­tion nec­es­sary I will be glad to endeavor to pro­cure it but she seems to have no other evidence.

Very truly yours,

(signed) Thad S. Smith