February 20, 1911

13118 – 1911

In re Mrs. Vio­let
Thad S. Smith, Esq.,
Attor­ney at Law,
Billings Montana.

Your let­ter of Feb­ru­ary 8, 1911, regard­ing Mrs. Vio­let Smith, has been received.

It appears from you pre­sen­ta­tion of her case that Mrs. Smith is a cit­i­zen of the United States, and while she may be of Indian blood that fact would not pre­vent her deal­ing with Mr. E. H. Cul­lion or any other attor­ney in con­nec­tion with mat­ters over which she has control.

You do not say wether she has received an allot­ment of land or an Indian home­stead from the Gov­ern­ment. If not, her right of action would appear to be a per­sonal one against Mr. Cul­lion. If Mrs. Smith received an allot­ment, and you will give the Office a descrip­tion of the land by legal sub-divisions, sec­tion, town­ship and range, and if the land is sit­u­ated near a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the Indian Office, it will under­take to make an inves­ti­ga­tion of the matter.

Can you fur­nish a copy of the agree­ment which Mrs. Smith is alleged to have made with Mr. Culli­son? If so please send it to the Office.


(signed) F. H. Abbot,
Assis­tant Com­mis­sioner

Filed by T.L