Trans­lated by Char­lotte J. Sim­mons & Joan Creech

My Dear Father, dwelling there beyond the clouds.

Nuxati, talli apian awasagomi.

Blessed be thy name.

Mache­len­da­sutcha kteliwunsogan.

Thy king­dom come.

Ksaki­mowa­gan peyletsche.

Thy will be done upon Mother Earth,

Ktal­ite­hewagon 1eketsch achquid ANA WONTAWKA,

The same as it is there dwelling in the clouds.

Elqicui leek talli apion awasaqomi.

Give to all of us our usual bread.

Meli­n­ine gunaguchuck achpoan.

For­give all of us the same as we for­give them.

Miwe­len­damauwi­nine elqiqui nilun mewilendamawink.

Keep us all free from all evil.

Kiten­ni­neen­nine medhicking.

My Dear Father’s Land is the Kingdom.

Nuxati lani ksakimowagon.

And God is the big power,

Woak wonken­tonka Kitalliwonsoqan,

And the glory,

Woak ktal­li­we­le­sowa­gane,

From beyond the clouds.

Ne apion awasagomi.

So shall it be.

Nanne letketsch.